"Awesome and Powerful"........Nadia Hammond, age 13
Esteem Multi Media books offer life skills and step-by-step guidance for coping with daily challenges. The books' assortment of exercises are designed to help young people improve academic performance, think positive and overcome self-defeating attitudes.The basic message is this: Learn to tap the power within.

Life Is A Party That Comes With Exams
READY... SET. . .GO on a rip roaring ride through the pages of a book that gives new meaning to the term positive thinking. When it comes to advice and wisdom, Life Is A Party is far from typical. It's a festive, upbeat approach to the principles of success. Young readers – from middle school to young adulthood – are escorted through an inspirational world filled with music, video games and more. In the process, they are given the knowledge they need to develop confidence, determination and strong character.. Click For More Information

Girl In The Mirror, A Teen’s Guide To Self Awareness
This is a gentle guide for young women who want to become all that they can be. Girl In the Mirror focuses on positive self talk, also known as affirmations, as well as the power of forgiveness, the importance of self love, the value of discipline, turning problems into opportunities and much more. Young women are led on an inner journey into an exciting realm of achievement and unbeatable confidence. Click For More Information

INFUSION: My Personal Journey With GSC is a poignant memoir by a Detroit journalist who relied on faith and imagination to help her navigate the trials of a rare form of stomach cancer. While battling the disease, Sheila Yancy began
writing INFUSION, sometimes working through the night. She also composed nearly 100 poems and produced wall art and beautiful figurines out of tree bark and “wounded” pinecones that she referred to as “survivors…. in need of
restoration.” In INFUSION: My Personal Journey With GSC, readers will look at life through Sheila’s sensitive eyes. Armed with joy, curiosity and spiritual fervor, she refused to allow cancer to mar her outlook on life or quell her
indomitable spirit


Prepare to be enchanted! Esteem MultiMedia’s newest release, The Tale of the Cow Tail & Other Stories from the African Diaspora ($12.95, 2012) is a captivating journey into African traditions, culture and lifestyles. Through the eyes of Nigerian writer, Lanre Ogundimu, the reader is offered an intensely personal look at the magic of the Motherland and the mystery of its customs. Click for more informations
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