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“Girl in the Mirror, A Teen’s Guide To Self Awareness” --- an “Essence” magazine bestseller in 2005 -- can be described as a teen or preteen’s best friend. A gentle guide for young women who want to become all that they can be, Girl In the Mirror boosts self esteem and instills spiritual values.

It focuses on positive self talk, also known as affirmations, as well as the power of forgiveness, self love, discipline and more. Each chapter ends in simple exercises girls can complete alone or with a friend. It’s an ideal resource and inspirational tool for individual teens, mentoring programs, rites of passage programs and church groups.



"Gentle, kind, poetic, its message is: no matter how bad your life, you have the power to overcome it." -- Ellen Creager, Detroit Free Press Dec. 31, 2000

"It encourages young women to believe in themselves, make their wishes a reality, and access their inner spirituality." -- Beth Snider, Metro Parent Magazine, February, 2001

"It is geared toward young girls, giving them direction and supplying them exercises to prove they can achieve positive results." -- Rhonda Bates-Rudd, The Detroit News, March 23, 2001